The vision of our company is to offer the best services
by providing the best quality executive,
for the client and give best opportunities for the candidate.

PT Avisha Potensi Abadi first time stand up in the year 2002 by the name of PT Avisha Dimensi Prima. In the year 2005 changing name become PT Avisha Potensi Abadi.

Avisha Human Resources Solution represent company founded in Jakarta and own specialization of business of Human Resources Services. As for service which we run to cover seeking of Expert Labors (Executive Search) and the Management Contract Labor (Outsourcing).

Target PT Avisha Potensi Abadi is giving best solution manpower to all client from PT Avisha Potensi Abadi so that the client can more focused for core business so that can support business growth which progressively settle. And Avisha have strong commitment to client to give best candidate quality.

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